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Bad form DNC [Feb. 15th, 2008|10:10 am]
Wisconsin Democrats


So here is the deal. Michigan and Florida moved up their primaries. The DNC said their delegates wouldn't be seated. Sucks for Florida their primary was moved up because the republican Gov passed a law against democratic opposition. So Florida democrats got screwed by the Repubicans then by their national party. Both Obama and Clinton were on the ballot in Florida.
Michigan is a different matter. Obama was not on the ballot there. Also the democrats were complicit in changing the primary. Gov. Jennifer Granholm worked to move the primary up. So the Dems in Mi screwed themselves.

Easy answers elude Mich., Fla. delegates


At the 2008 Democratic National Convention the superdelegates will make up approximately one-fifth of the total number of delegates. They are not obliged to cast their vote according to any caucus or polling. They can vote for who ever they want. Most have declared for Clinton.

For you folks in WI, Baldwin has declared for Clinton...regardless of who her district votes for (NICE!)

if you want to know how and why the super delegate system was set up look here

this is going to be a nightmare...
Democrats and liberals have been bitching about diebold and undemocratic election shenanigans for 4 years now. People still scream about it. So all these folks whipped into frenzy over election rigging are going to just love this. People are going to be really pissed as the primary comes down to super delegates who don't reflect the polls of any district, and a rules committee decision about FL and MI...

With help like this from the democrats the republicans might win the general election.

Good plan DNC I think the green party will get a boost from this stupidity