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The Wisconsin Democrats LJ Community

Wisconsin Democrats
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Politics discussion
This community is for LiveJournal users from Wisconsin who want to express their minds about Democratic issues. It's open to everyone and anyone who wants to express a view on platform or policy.

Your lead moderator is beatnikpoet13. If you have a question, comment or donation, you'll want contact me.

To prevent flame wars and spam, you need to join to post. It's an ounce of prevention to prevent open warfare.

Other basic rules:

  • No personal flaming. Treat people with the respect they deserve.
  • LJ-cut is your friend. When in doubt on whether to use it, please use it. How to
    create lj-cut tags: FAQ #75. Unreasonably long posts without a cut will be deleted so as not to spam the members.
  • No disabling comments just to have them be redirected to your personal journal. Like Vegas, what's said in here stays here.
  • No deleting comments you do not like. We do not exercise censorship.

Republicans are welcome to join as long as they debate with civility and defend their positions.

Please don't use this group to attack other Democratic groups on the internet. We're all working for the same goal, right?